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Seega seas sugulased on iga dinosaurus Kohl, ema-in-law, ahv, ja kodumajapidamises kasutatud auto ja arvuti. Seega, käesolev näita: Barin Alexander Samoylenko alati petab põllumajandustootja Denis Yasica , isegi kui pärisorjus kaotati.

Sato, K. In order to carry out various basic experiments by varying the pellet deposition profile within a plasma, anew technique for an ice pellet injection system with controllability of the injection angle has been developed and installed with the JIPP t-IIU tokamak.

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Injection angle can be varied easily and successfully during an interval of two plasma shots in the course of an experiment. From two dimensional observations by CCD cameras, details of the pellet ablation structures with various injections angles have been studied, and a couple of interesting phenomena have been found.

The direction of helical kaalulangus 59-aastaselt tail is independent to that of the total magnetic field lines of the torus.

In order to examine the tail direction, further experiments have been carried out as to four conditions of the combination with two clockwise and counter-clockwise toroidal field directions and with two plasma current directions.

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The results show that it seems to rotate to the electron diamagnetic direction poloidally, and to the opposite to the plasma current direction toroidally. Consideration on various cross sections including charge exchange, ionization and elastic collisions leads us to the conclusion that the tail-shaped phenomena may come from «.

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